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This article defines a property of topological spaces: a property that can be evaluated to true/false for any topological space|View a complete list of properties of topological spaces
This is a variation of normality. View other variations of normality

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Definition with symbols

A topological space X is termed monotonically normal if there exists an operator G from ordered pairs of disjoint closed sets to open sets, such that:

  • For any disjoint closed subsets A,B, G(A,B) contains A and its closure is disjoint from B
  • If A \subset A' and B \subset B' with all four sets being closed, and B disjoint from B', we have:

G(A,B) \subset G(A',B')

This is the monotonicity condition. Such an operator G is termed a monotone normality operator.

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This property of topological spaces is hereditary, or subspace-closed. In other words, any subspace (subset with the subspace topology) of a topological space with this property also has this property.
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Any subspace of a monotonically normal space is monotonically normal.