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* [[Space with Abelian fundamental group]]
* [[Space with Abelian fundamental group]]
* [[Path-connected space]]
* [[Path-connected space]]
===Textbook references===
* {{booklink|Concise}}, Page 140 (formal definition)
* {{booklink|Hatcher}}, Page 342 (definition in paragraph): Hatcher uses the term '''Abelian space''' locally in the book

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This article defines a homotopy-invariant property of topological spaces, i.e. a property of homotopy classes of topological spaces

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A topological space is termed simple if it satisfies the following three conditions:

Relation with other properties

Stronger properties

Weaker properties


Textbook references

  • A Concise Course in Algebraic Topology by J Peter MayFull text PDFMore info, Page 140 (formal definition)
  • Algebraic Topology by Allen HatcherFull text PDFMore info, Page 342 (definition in paragraph): Hatcher uses the term Abelian space locally in the book