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__NOTOC__{{quotation|Welcome to '''Topospaces (The Topology Wiki)'''. This is Topospacesa pre-alpha stage group theory wiki primarily managed by [[User:Vipul|Vipul Naik]], a Ph.D. student in Mathematics at the Topology wikiUniversity of Chicago. We have over 400 articles including some material in basic point set theory. It is part of a broader subject wikis initiative -- see the [[Ref:Main Page|subject wikis reference guide]] for more details}}{{quotation|'''Suggested articles''':<br>{{random interesting definition}}<br>{{random interesting fact}}<br>{{random interesting survey article}} }}'''What we are''': Eventually, a complete and reliable reference for point-set topology and elementary algebraic topology.For now, an exciting place to read definitions and facts of group theory, and navigate the relationships between them
Much of it is patterned on '''What you can get''': Quick access to [[:Category:Terminology|definitions]] ([[Help:Definition lookup|learn more]]), [[:Category:Facts|facts]] ([[Help:Fact lookup|learn more]]), [[:Category:Survey articles|survey articles]] ([[Help:Survey article lookup|learn more]]). An opportunity to explore relationships [[Help:Property-theoretic lookup|using the {{gpwiki}}property-theoretic paradigm]] and the [[Help:Relational lookup|relational paradigm]]. The links in the left column will help you get around easily.
Most of the stuff here is very primitive and raw, and isn't written by professional topologists. So please don't rely on what's hereHow to complement other resources''': Complement with your group theory textbooks ([[Help:Using textbook references|learn more]]), for nowuse [[Help:Using Wikipedia|Wikipedia]] and [[Help:Using Google Scholar|Google Scholar]] more effectively. Enjoy the benefits of our [[Help:Using Searchbox|searchbox]].
Other wikis on '''What to watch out for''': Read our [[:Category:Groupprops conventions|conventions]] and beware of our [[Groupprops:Hazards|hazards]]: none of the same pattern:content here is peer-reviewed and very little has been verified by multiple sources.
* '''How to join''': [[Special:Userlogin|Sign up and log in]], and then proceed to [[Groupprops:Customize your experience|customize your experience]]. [[Groupprops:Who can join|Anybody can join]], and you can learn more on [[Groupprops:How to contribute|contributing]], if you're interested. '''How to get help''': [[Help:Contents]] can help with that. Also, use the request/feedback links in the left column. '''Are there more wikis like this?''': Yes, there's {{gpwikidfwiki}}* , {{calwikigpwiki}}* , {{dfwikicawiki}}* and {{ncwiki}}. Get a complete list of related wikis and more general information at [[Ref:Main Page|the reference guide main page]].
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